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Motorcycle Drag Racer Isn’t Good at Drag Racing

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Motorcycle Drag Racer

Motorcycle drag racer is not really good at drag racing.

Yesterday, the video below was uploaded to YouTube with the title “Car vs Bike” and nothing in the description except “Drag Race.” I knew something magical was bound to happen, however, because Daisy Duke was the official race starter.

Motorcycle Drag Racer

Daisy Duke gives the countdown.

Keep your eyes on the motorcycle, which, in theory, should have no problem beating out the old BMW. In theory.

Motorcycle Drag Racer in “Car vs Bike,” Featuring Old BMW and Daisy Duke

Andy Epic Fail

Luckily, the motorcyclist reported no broken bones, but his pride was shattered in seven places.

Motorcycle Drag Racer

“Why are you limping, man? Is it the bad knee?”
“No, it’s just my pride, bro. I think I broke it.”