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Mouth-Watering Regional Foods to Help You Plan Your Next Road Trip

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When you’re on the open road, nothing is better than trying out some tasty regional treats

One of the best reasons to go on a road trip is to discover mouth-watering new foods from across the country. Whether you’re hankering for a burrito or merely want some fried chicken, there are a variety of regional foods that can make a 10-hour drive worth every pee break.

Here are a couple delicious options you should consider when you plan your next road trip.

California Burrito in San Diego, California

Like any burrito you will find across the country, the California burrito has rice, salsa, guacamole—the works. But it has one unexpected twist that will take your mouth straight to food heaven—French fries.

A California burrito is Americanization at its finest, adding the delicious fried potatoes for that extra hint of salt. San Diego is the birthplace of this tasty treat so, while you can get them all over the Golden State, SD is the place to go for the best.

Lobster Rolls in Maine

Fresh bread. Fresh lobster. Tons of delicious, delicious butter. Need we say more? Lobster rolls are just one of the many reasons you should head to Maine the next time you set out on the open road. The perfect balance of delicate lobster meat, hearty bread, and salty butter—with the occasional dash of mayo—make the lobster rolls available throughout the Northeastern state a terrific excuse for a road trip.

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Cheesesteak in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly Cheesesteak

Photo: Kaitlin

Cheesesteak combines two of the universe’s greatest foods—cheese and steak. Birthed in Philadelphia, this sandwich features a delicious bread roll brimming with thinly cut steak, caramelized onions, and a delicious amount of Cheez Whiz—the not-so-secret secret ingredient. It might clog your arteries a bit, but it’s definitely worth it.

Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago, Illinois

If you have never eaten a deep dish pizza, now is the time to change your tune. Consider deep dish pizza like a pizza cake. Seriously. The pizza typically has a gooey, oozing center of cheese and toppings, topped with pizza sauce. You’ll need a fork and knife to dive into this pizza-goodness.

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Chicken and Waffles in the South

Chicken and Waffles

Photo: Elliot

You might think syrup and butter is the perfect way to top off your pancake breakfast, but various eateries in the South have decided to up their waffle game by adding fried chicken, too.

Chicken and waffles is a staple in the South that has slowly made its way across the US. Now, you can find a nice crunchy bit of chicken sitting next to your waffle in a variety of places—but the South is still the best place to find this delightful treat.