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Ms. Frizzle Got Nothin’ on this Jet-Powered School Bus That Hits 367 MPH

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Check out this jet-powered school bus.

Check out this jet-powered school bus.

Kids of the 1990s may remember a certain magic school bus, driven by Ms. Frizzle, that could do everything from explore outer space to delve inside the digestion tract of a sick student. Of course, that school bus was nothing but an invention in a kids’ book and a cartoon vehicle on a TV show. This jet-powered school bus, however, is 100% real and 100% awesome, reaching speeds of up to 367 mph and shooting 80 foot flames into the air. (Check out the video below.)

The bus is appropriately called “School Time.” I say appropriately because, if I were a kid, nothing but a fire-breathing, jet-powered school bus would bring me to relish going to class. Indiana man, Paul Stender, designed the bus with his team, the Indy boys. The team had to do a good deal of custom work, as regulation school buses aren’t generally equipped to withstand the same amount of power as jet planes.

Check out this jet-powered school bus.

“School Time” reaches 367 mph and shoots flames up to 80 feet.

According to Motor Authority, the engine powering the bus is a General Electric J-79, which is the same kind that the US used in the F-104 Starfighter and F-4 Phantom II fighter planes during the Cold War.

The downside of the jet-powered school bus is one that you’d expect: it’s expensive to fuel. In fact, each run takes up 150 gallons of gasoline. At 3 bucks a gallon, that’s $450 for a full tank. Yikes.

Of course, the bus is also detrimental to the environment (though it is not likely driven regularly, as it can only fit three people, is incredibly dangerous, and is probably not street-legal by any means). Stender, however, believes that his project is important, in that it will encourage kids to pass on drugs and instead take up an automotive hobby.

I can just hear him now: “Don’t poison your bodies, kids. Just poison the environment.”

See the “School Time” in action below:

News Source: Motor Authority