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Enter #MustangAndMe Contest to Win a 2015 Mustang

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You can win a 2015 Mustang like the one pictured here by simply submitting a sixty-second video

Ford wants to know if you are the ideal representative of the spirit of the Mustang. While we know that there is already one who is the true embodiment of everything Mustang (and that he may very well be in prison right now for first-degree criminal mischief on account of tearing up the Churchill Downs infield this past April), you can nonetheless make your case in the #MustangAndMe contest.

To enter the 2014 BET Awards #MustangAndMe contest, one need only make a 60-second video depicting just how they embody the spirit of Mustang and upload it to

Gallery: Win a 2015 Mustang in the #MustangAndMe Contest

By visiting the same link, fans can view and vote upon entries to determine a winner by the June 03 deadline. The video deemed to hold the best depiction of the essence of Mustang will win its creator an all-new 2015 Ford Mustang. Not bad for 60 seconds-worth of work.

“For five decades, Mustang has represented some of the best American culture, inspiring a feeling of freedom and independence,” said Shawn Thompson, manager, Ford multicultural marketing, in a press release. “For this contest, we are looking for individuals to showcase how they embody the passion and spirit of Mustang through a 60-second video.”

The #MustangAndMe hashtag can be used in order to drum up support for entries among your friends and followers on social media. Of course, if you’re Ben Bratcher and your entry is a minute of you doing donuts in the infield of Churchill Downs, you don’t need to solicit any votes because you already have them all.

#MustangAndMe contest

Wait…Chris Brown? We haven’t shot him into the sun on a rocket ship yet?

This year’s BET Awards will be held on Sunday, June 29 at 8 PM PST. Be sure to tune in so that you can continue to live in awe of the fact that people still feel the need to recognize Chris Brown’s middling music career and sweep the whole being-a-human-wasteland thing under the rug.

Unrelated to the #MustangAndMe contest: Chris Brown is a human wasteland. Seriously, he’s really, legitimately a terrible person.