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myChevrolet App Now Available for Apple Watch Users

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Apple Watch perfectly meshes with Chevrolet’s myChevrolet app for increased convenience
Photo: Chevrolet

Chevrolet continues to put consumers first by making myChevrolet app available to Apple Watch users. The manufacturer has paid keen attention to the growing popularity of the myChevrolet App. Currently, around 1.4 million Chevy owners regularly use the app to maximize their vehicle’s full potential.

The my Chevrolet app saves users time while also offering them convenience, with features like remote start and stop, activating/canceling the horn and lights, and locking/unlocking the doors. Drivers who tend to lose their car amidst a sea of parked vehicles will appreciate the “locate vehicle” option which will even provide walking directions to the exact location of the vehicle. The app is now available in the U.S., Mexico and Canada, with language settings for English, Spanish, and French.

This development is only a natural progression of Chevrolet’s earlier remote technology. What began as the OnStar RemoteLink app in 2010 progressed to the incorporation of myChevrolet app in 2016. The myChevrolet App availability for Apple Watches continues the brand’s prioritization to give its customers the most cutting-edge remote access to their Chevy vehicles.

Malibu and Equinox owners will benefit from this new Apple Watch compatibility the most, considering they are the most frequent users of the app. According to Chevrolet, Malibu owners in the first half of this year have used the myChevrolet app 44% more than they did at this point last year. This is no surprise considering that mid-size cars are often the primary ride of busy families who need all the convenient and easy-to-use features they can get during commutes, road trips, and shuffling kids to and from sports practices.

“Whether you want to cool down your Malibu on a hot summer day or locate it after attending a crowded baseball game, Chevrolet owners can now make that choice from their iPhone or Apple Watch,” says Paul Edwards, Vice President of Marketing at Chevrolet U.S. No matter what Chevy vehicle you own, this new technology option definitely promises to make life a little easier.