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NADA Academy Enhances Dealership Learning Experience with Expanded Offerings

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NADA Academy Plus

NADA Academy Plus looks to increase the amount of change enacted in dealerships

When a dealership wants to improve itself, there are multiple avenues it can take. One of the most important avenues is attending one of the many week-long classes offered by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). This organization, which lends a helping hand to all franchised new-car dealers, has a number of classes in its NADA Academy program that can help improve dealership services.

Now, though, dealerships can improve even more thanks to the brand-new NADA Academy Plus. This new program was created to both improve dealership performance and increase the amount of change completed in a dealership. This program requires the attendance of five department managers, along with a dealership “full-time student”.

“For the person attending the Academy, it’s completely up to their ability to effect change sooner rather than later,” said Allen Phibbs, Director of NADA Academy, in an interview with Automotive News. “In the Academy Plus, the student has their counterpart there for that specific week.”

This new program allows full-time students to truly gain and understanding of the position they are training for. In his discussion of the program, Phibbs used the example of a parts department manager. This manager would attend the parts week with a full-time student. Then, the student would return to the dealership with the parts leader after the classes are finished, learning hands-on the concepts he or she learned in the classroom.

Through this approach, NADA hopes to keep key leaders in dealerships and their employees on the same page to create better working dealerships as a whole.

The Academy Plus program begins in October with a limit of 20 dealerships at a time. The course includes review sessions with NADA 20 Group consultants between class weeks and a consultant walkthrough of the dealership.

VIDEO: Watch the NADA Academy Plus Video Trailer

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)