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Naked Tesla Driver Is Naked

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Sometimes you come into work to write about Nissan’s latest innovations, and then sometimes you come into work to write about a naked Tesla driver terrorizing the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles. Today it’s the latter for me.

naked Tesla driver

The naked Tesla driver, with Elon Musk’s face strategically hiding the goods

On Tuesday of this week, a crazed man who just wanted to let it all hang out near the beach stopped traffic on the freeway when he climbed out of his sunroof, threw off his clothes, and began to do either some kind of shroom-inspired interpretive dance or else a Dwight Schrute-style karate demonstration.

naked tesla driver moves like dwight

Check out the video below, but beware, it is kinda, sorta NSFW—it is a naked man after all, so there is a slight peen silhouette. You have been warned. Now enjoy.

And this video only captures a small part of what happened. According to the guy who recorded the video, Teddy Bliss, who spoke with New York Daily News, “This all started when the guy driving the Tesla stopped in the middle of the PCH and jumped out of the car! Running around waving a shirt, acting like something was wrong with his Tesla.”

Bliss added, “After I shot the video the Police finally came and they had to put the man in a restriction jacket and wrap him with blankets while loading him onto a stretcher.” This leads me to wonder, why the hell didn’t he record that part? That’s like going to a fireworks display and leaving before the grand finale.

Captain Scott of Pacific Palisades Fire Station 69 told the Palisadian-Post that the naked Tesla driver likely had a “meltdown or psychiatric episode or was on a controlled substance.” Go figure.

naked tesla driver

One more, just for fun.