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National Corvette Museum Adds Corvette-Themed Racing Simulator

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If you can’t afford a Corvette, this is probably the next best thing
Photo: National Corvette Museum

Chevrolet recently announced that it would be bringing its Virtual Dynamics Lab 4-D experience to the North American International Auto Show this weekend. Chevy certainly isn’t the only one introducing simulated experiences for enthusiasts to enjoy.

For its latest exhibit, the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky recently installed a Corvette racing simulator.

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In order to engage in a simulator experience, participants traditionally enter a gray, blocky capsule with a screen at the center. For the Corvette Museum’s simulator, guests will get behind the wheel of a real C6 Corvette, which is surrounded by three separate screens.

The simulator technology is all hooked up to the Corvette’s pedals and steering wheel to provide life-like movements during the simulation. It’s about as close as you can get to driving a Corvette within the halls of the National Corvette Museum!

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Guests will be able to choose between three different Corvette models to race: the C6 Grand Sport Convertible, the C7 Stingray Coupe, and the Corvette Racin C7.R. Furthermore, a number of different track layouts are available to race on.

In the following Facebook video, staff members at the National Corvette Museum demonstrate how the simulator works.

Right now, the Corvette used for the simulator sports a LeMans Blue color scheme. In the near future, it will be decorated to resemble a Corvette Racing C6.R model, complete with official decals.

The simulation lasts for approximately four minutes, and it costs $10 to participate. Although there is no age restriction for the simulator, guests do in fact have to reach the pedals and steering wheels for the simulator to work. Young Corvette fanatics need not worry, though, as passengers are welcome during the ride.

Source: National Corvette Museum