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Netherlands Man Becomes First Person to ‘Buy’ New Car with YouTube Views

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Yuri Schuurkes and Opel Astra Online Edition

There’s gold in them there YouTubes, and the preferred pickaxe of today’s video prospectors is lots and lots of views. With enough views, a YouTuber can accumulate enough revenue to achieve once-unthought-of financial goals, up to and including the purchase of a new car.

Enter Yuri Schuurkes, a Netherlander who uploaded the following video—“SPIDER-MAN Attacks Opel Dealer! – Cars are for Humans”—to YouTube in early May:

The end result was, as of press time, more than 1.32 million views. Since this entry was a part of Opel’s ongoing “Pay by View” campaign, that means that Schuurkes easily qualified to become the first to earn an Opel Astra Online Edition hatchback, valued at €23,070.

Because the video surpassed the minimum requirement of 922,800 views, Schuurkes was the first participant in the contest to be awarded with a car. Since the top prize is now effectively off the board, other entrants have the chance to win Online Editions of the Corsa three-door and KARL ROCKS with respective view totals of 739,600 views and 589,900 views. Other prizes include a child-size ADAM (5,160 views), Opel roof box (24,200 views), and iPad holder (3,000 views).

The contest will run until June 30th, or until all prizes have been claimed. If you consider yourself a YouTube phenomenon in the making and want to win a new car for some views, see contest details at