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New Animal Crossing Decor Theme Caters to Corvette Fans

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2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
Corvette-badged items have finally made their way into Animal Crossing world
Photo: General Motors

If you’re a gearhead who also likes Animal Crossing, you now have one more reason to play it. Chevrolet has released a new Corvette decor theme so you can express your passion for the model.

Suave and Swift: Meet the 2020 Corvette

Corvette decor comes to Animal Crossing

Per GM Authority, you can transform one of your virtual rooms’ interiors with a variety of Corvette gear and designs that you can download via Chevrolet’s Pinterest page. Start by incorporating a checkerboard design and a Corvette crossed flags logo on the floor. Then add C8 Corvette posters and dress your in-game character in a Corvette-badged t-shirt.

Animal Crossing also has a few non-Chevrolet car-themed items you can add to round out the room’s furnishings. A race car bed, tire toy, and red-black-and-chrome bar counter elaborate on the space’s dramatic color scheme.

Animal Crossing: Pandemic obsession

Experimenting with Animal Crossing’s new Corvette-focused decor is a great way to distract yourself from waiting for the 2022 Corvette Z06 to arrive. But playing the game is also helpful in managing stress and anxiety during the uncertainty and isolation of the pandemic, according to WUSA9 News contributor Megan Yoder.

The game has a refreshing lack of any signs of pandemic life. Characters don’t have to wear face masks or adhere to social distancing standards. Local shops are open and thriving financially. You can hang out with other island residents, a diverse array of cute anthropomorphic creatures, as frequently as you want.

Gamer Rui Zhong likens the game to a soothing pastime such as knitting. Video game researcher and psychologist Dr. Rachel Kowert comments on how “cute” and “colorful” the game is. “It’s low pressure, nothing’s chasing you. You’re just building a house and fishing and collecting things.” The game’s soundtrack composer, Kazumi Totaka, created the background music for animal crossing with a peaceful, ordinary way of life in mind.

But back to Corvettes and the new decor theme on Animal Crossing… Head over to Chevrolet’s Pinterest page to download the Corvette decor for yourself.

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