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New Batmobile Teased in Tweet from Terrible Director

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Zack Snyder, who is pretty likely to ruin your childhood fantasties of what a Batman/Superman film ought to be, says that the first full look at the Batmobile could come as early as tomorrow.

New Batmobile Teased

Zack Snyder, whose success inexplicably continues to exceed his talent, teased the new Batmobile in a tweet today

I’m going to go ahead and get this out of the way: whatever expectations you have for Batman Vs Superman, you can probably expect the actual film to fall well short of them. That is, of course, unless you’re like me (read: a miser) and you have almost no optimism whatsoever that Bats versus Supes can be anything less than a massive craptastrophe. This has less to do with Ben Affleck being cast as Batman (OUTRAGE!) than it does with the fact that Zack Snyder is a pretty awful one-note director who has already shown that he isn’t capable of making a good film about Superman alone (as evidenced by two hours of wanton destruction and a finale that involves snapping the big bad’s neck in front of a bunch of terrified civilians). The prospect of Zack Snyder, who is already quite underwhelming (as noted), making a two hour film that successfully hits every note that people desire from a Batman/Superman film is about as likely as Affleck stepping away from the role so that Tilda Swinton can take his place (although, to be fair, I’d give that my money).

Oh, and did I mention he was recently tapped to direct the Justice League movie? Yay.

That said, while I expect next to nothing from Batman Vs Superman (which means I can only be pleasantly surprised, right?), I’m nonetheless ever-so-slightly excited by today’s tweet from the film’s director, which reveals a tarp-covered Batmobile and teases a full look at Batfleck’s new ride as early as tomorrow.

The new Batmobile certainly looks more in keeping with the comic book iterations than Christopher Nolan’s tank-like Tumbler, with a sloping front and prominent back tires that reinstate the more traditional style. It does not, contrary to what early reports suggested, appear to look anything like a vintage Cadillac, which is a good thing. Regardless of how little faith I have in Snyder’s ability to make a good comic book film (see Watchmen and Man of Steel), the new Batmobile teased today looks pretty spot on so far.

With any luck, the cover will come off tomorrow and we can at least guarantee another badass take on the iconic Batmobile. Then we can all be thrilled when the next batsuit is revealed to be totally nipple-free and then again when the first trailer drops sometime this holiday/next summer, which will raise our optimism just enough for it to be utterly flattened when the actual film arrives in May 2016.