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New Car Seat Aims to Prevent Baby Deaths in Hot Cars

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Baby CarseatYear after year, as soon as the warm weather gets here, we start to hear horror stories about babies being killed or seriously hurt by being left unattended in hot cars.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we covered the tragic story of an 11-month-old baby who died after being left in an SUV in the Florida heat for more than an hour. As you can imagine, your car can heat up quickly in the summer heat, meaning anything or anyone left inside—baby, dog, or football player—is at risk for overheating and potentially dying.

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It would appear that the main reason babies are left in hot cars is simple forgetfulness (although it’s questionable just how you could forget your baby). In order to help prevent deaths due to parents’ forgetfulness, car seat maker Evenflo has designed a new type of seat that uses a battery-operated wireless receiver embedded in the chest strap clip that sounds an alarm when the car ignition is switched off while the baby is still strapped into the car seat.

The Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe Embrace is being sold exclusively in stores and online by Wal-Mart as part of its effort to expand its baby department.

“There are millions of cars in our parking lots every day and we put a challenge out to the industry,” said Diana Marshall, vice president for baby at Wal-Mart. “Evenflo stepped up with a first-of its kind product aimed at vehicular heat stroke.”

Hopefully, Evenflo’s move will inspire other popular car seat makers to step up their game and release a similar product to put an end to children dying from being left in hot cars.

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News Source: New York Post