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New Chevy Corvette C8 Interior Spied

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Two-Spoke Steering Wheel and Instrument Panel Revealed

Exterior shots of test cars for the next-gen Corvette C8 have been prevalent over the years, but now we get a look inside the Chevy Corvette C8 interior. posted spy pics earlier this week, revealing a couple key features of the Corvette C8 cockpit.

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The first feature is notably its boomerang-shaped steering wheel. With it top and bottom sides flat, the wheel nearly resembles a hexagon shape. While its mounted buttons follow a similar assortment as other GM vehicles, they appear to utilize higher quality materials specifically for the Corvette. Aluminum shift paddles seem to be a part of the interior, which complements its dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Its instrument panel screen looks to be configurable like other luxury sports cars. This setup stands out though, as it features a decent-sized analog tachometer in the middle of it. G-force ancillary readouts edge the sides, while temperature gauges rest at the bottom. On the right of the panel is a cluster of warning lights, including the “Check Engine” light.

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Last but not least, the Chevy Corvette C8’s rear-view mirror may act as a rear-view camera display, mimicking the ones in Cadillac vehicles. This would prove to be a helpful option for mid-engine sports car that likely has worse rear visibility that the prior model.