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New Chevy Cruze Commercial Emphasizes an Array of Options

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Last year, Chevrolet branded the Cruze as a hyperconnected car that incarnated a new breed of sedan. This year, the company shifts its focus to highlight the wide range of customized options the 2018 Cruze boasts, as the brand’s latest commercial “All of the Features” depicts.

Check it out for yourself:

The film begins with a car salesman engaging a group of young professionals with an interactive touchscreen listing multiple vehicle features. “If you were going to design your perfect car, which three features would you choose,” the salesman articulates.

As the group brainstorms which three options they should choose, they realize just how restricting this limitation is. Features like safety, technology, fuel efficiency, affordable price, and a great sound system were all priorities.

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As soon as the group voices their frustration over picking just three top features, the salesman smiles and the touchscreen splits in half. The two doors retract to reveal a crisp gallery space and a brilliant blue 2018 Cruze poised in the center of the area.

The group emits laughter and expresses their approval of the Cruze, viewing it as the embodiment of all of the choices listed on the touchscreen. “It’s very sleek!” “It literally ticked all of the boxes.”

The commercial markets the 2018 Cruze as the vehicular answer to modern drivers preferences and needs. The model offers such a spectrum of amenities in one streamlined package for a great price, which makes it a perfect first car for teens and young professionals who need a well-rounded commuter with the latest technology.

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