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New Corvette Emojis for iPhone Helps You Speak in Revs and Honks

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Automoji: Bowling Green is on sale now

corvette emojis - automoji: bowling green

Automoji: Bowling Green allows you to text with Corvette emojis

Let’s face it: the English language is overrated. When the words “tough,” “bough,” “dough,” and “cough” are all pronounced drastically differently, you know it’s time to find a new way to communicate. Thank god for emojis—they’re exactly what society needs to catapult us into an era of enlightenment when the plural of goose is not geese and the plural of moose is not moose, but instead just multiple tiny graphics of a bird or a giant deer.

But in the language of emojis, how will we car enthusiasts communicate about our favorite all-American sports car? Thankfully, we’re now covered on that front, with the all-new Corvette emojis for iPhones and other Apple products running on iOS 10, courtesy of Road and Track’s Kevin McCauley’s Automoji: Bowling Green app.

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automoji: bowling green - corvette emojis

Automoji: Bowling Green is available at the App Store

The app is available now for $0.99, but there is one caveat—the emojis can only be used in iMessages, which does limit the audience. It would be nice if emoji sets like this could expand to other platforms, such as regular text messages, Facebook and Twitter, and more.

Currently, the pack includes 27 Corvette emojis, but given that a similar pack with iconic Porsches contains 100, we can expect more to be added eventually. You can even make suggestions for additional cars to be added at McCauley’s website.

This Corvette emoji app is likely one that Chevy itself will get behind. Last year, the brand entertainingly and not at all infuriatingly released an entire press release on the 2016 Chevy Cruze using only emojis. We loved it, absolutely loved it. It didn’t annoy us at all.

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Check out Automoji: Bowling Green at the App Store and let us know what you think in the comments below. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to comment with the Corvette emojis—we’ll have to rely on our outdated language for the time being.