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‘New Girl’ Actress Hannah Simone Fails at Parallel Parking in a Corolla

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And other stories as we approach the Corolla’s 50th anniversary

Hannah Simone recounts learning to parallel park in a Toyota Corolla

Hannah Simone recounts learning to parallel park in a Toyota Corolla

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the world’s best-selling car—the Toyota Corolla—and for some reason Toyota felt it appropriate to begin its marketing of the Corolla’s storied past with the random acknowledgement that Hannah Simone of New Girl fame learned to drive in her father’s “pristinely kept” Corolla. That’s right, we needed that much detail about the cleanliness of Hannah Simone’s father’s Corolla.

I’m not complaining. I love me some Hannah Simone.

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See? She’s the perfect woman. (You can actually evidence my obsession not just with Simone but with New Girl in general here and here for good measure.)

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Perhaps the only thing Simone doesn’t have going for her? She can’t parallel park. Check out the video below, in which Simone and her father recount the tale of her learning to drive and parallel park in a “champagne gold” Toyota Corolla—and then watch her attempt to parallel park years later. (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t go so well.)

Think the Corolla’s Old? See how far back Toyota really goes

WATCH: Hannah Simone Tries to Parallel Park

Simone isn’t the only celeb that Toyota has tapped to celebrate the Corolla’s 50th anniversary. Toyota also tells the story of actress Gina Rodriquez (of Jane the Virgin “fame”), who traveled cross-country in a Corolla all the way to Hollywood, to pursue her dreams of stardom. Akio Toyoda even got started with a used 4-door Corolla GT back in the 1980s.

While we gear up for the Corolla’s anniversary this November, Toyota hopes more drivers—famous, Twitter-famous, or neither of the above—will tell their Corolla stories on social media, using the hashtag #Corolla50.

You can explore the year-long celebration by visiting corolla50.toyota.com and even enter a sweepstakes to win a new 2017 Toyota Corolla.

2017 Toyota Corolla XSE

The new 2017 Toyota Corolla XSE

Toyota currently sells about 1.5 million Corollas globally each year, with 16 plants producing the car worldwide. To this day, the Corolla remains the world’s best-selling car.

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