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New Honda Spokesman Fred Savage Will Narrate Your Videos

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Honda Spokesman Fred Savage

Honda spokesman Fred Savage, seen here being adorable in 1989 Photo credit: Alan Light, CC

Former child star and current television director Fred Savage has been announced as the new voice of Honda, and the company is already putting him to work narrating the videos of random Twitter users.

While Savage has a long history of being narrated at – in The Princess Bride he listened to his grandfather (Peter Falk) narrate an adventure tale, and in The Wonder Years his youthful antics were narrated by his grown-up self (Daniel Stern) – he hasn’t actually done that much of his own narrating. So to help him practice, Honda is having Savage narrate random home videos that Twitter users send to him (although if they wanted a former family sitcom star who is well-versed in the art of narrating home videos, it seems like they could have just asked Bob Saget).

For a chance at having Honda spokesman Fred Savage narrate your home video, just tweet the video with the hashtag #HondaPromo, and then wait to see if he deems it worthy of his raspy timbre. Just make sure you follow Honda’s rules. And it might help if, oh, we don’t know; your family home videos were filmed inside an Accord or something.

Accord Outselling Camry

If you want Honda spokesman Fred Savage to narrate your cherished memories, maybe you’d better start making those memories in a 2015 Accord

We suppose we should have realized Fred Savage would soon be the voice of Honda a few days ago, when the automaker released a new video promoting the Fit that was directed by Savage, who has also directed episodes of Modern Family and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Apparently Savage was chosen as a spokesman because of the fact that his voice is unique and doesn’t sound like your typical car commercial voiceover guy.

We wish him luck in his new endeavor, but doubt that anyone can top the work Michael Bolton did in his Honda ads. Those are some mighty big shoes to fill.