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New Jersey Police Issue 300 Tickets for Warming Up Cars

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300 Tickets for Warming Up Cars

When it comes to idling in New Jersey, quit it or ticket.

Yes, you read that headline correctly. As of last month, New Jersey law enforcement has issued over 300 tickets for warming up cars, or idling.

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According to state law, a car may idle for 15 minutes if it has been turned off for the past three hours with outdoor temperatures below 25 degrees.

While residents may not be fond of this rule, the consequences add up. A first offense carries a penalty of $250, while a second violation costs $500 with following violations costing $1,000 each.

Now, you may argue that warming your car up before setting off on your journey is good for your vehicle. However, today’s world has made that unnecessary, according to Tracy Noble, spokeswoman for AAA Mid-Atlantic.

“The vehicles used to need that years and years ago, but with all the technology today, that’s no longer correct,” Noble said.

Back in the early 90s, carburetors were more prominent in cars, which made warming up your vehicle on that cold winter morning essential. Fuel injection gives today’s cars more durability in cold weather and therefore makes idling pointless.

Your best interests may lie with heading out as soon as you start your vehicle. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, driving your car will be more effective at heating your car’s engine and interior than idling. Ten seconds of idling burns more gasoline than starting up your car, and the department reports that 10 minutes of idling a day wastes about 30 gallons of fuel each year.

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Next time you are sitting in your driveway on that cold winter morning, do yourself and your car a favor. Don’t waste your car’s resources. Keep driving and do not look back.

Source: New Jersey 101.5