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New Mazda Tech: What Is G-Vectoring Control Plus?

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2018 Mazda CX-5

2018 Mazda CX-5

Two years ago, Mazda released a new technology meant to improve cornering: G-Vectoring Control. Now, with the release of a new CX-5 in Japan, Mazda revealed the new, improved G-Vectoring Control Plus system. However, what does that mean?

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G-Vectoring Control with and without

G-Vectoring Control

First, let’s remember what normal GVC does. The system slightly reduces engine torque when you go into a turn with your foot on the accelerator, shifting the car’s weight forward. That gives the tires better grip and increases responsiveness. The system even responds to how hard you cut the wheel (cutting torque more), and if you keep turning (restoring torque).

The bottom line is that the GVC system only reduces torque a tiny bit. Mazda called the effects “subtle, yet important.”

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G-Vectoring Control Plus in operation

Adding the “Plus”

So, what does G-Vectoring Control Plus do? In addition to the engine torque modulation of the regular GVC system, the GVC Plus system gets the brakes involved to add more direct control of the car’s yaw movement.

Quick refresher, “yaw” is rotation around a vertical axis, so basically turning left or right. In the above image, it’s the red arrow.

GVC Plus specifically kicks in when the driver returns the steering wheel to center. The system lightly brakes the outer wheels to help restore the vehicle to going in a straight line (keep in mind that when you are coming out of a turn, your outer wheels are moving faster than your inner ones).

Mazda says that the new system generally creates a more controlled, smooth driving, even during emergency maneuvers, changing lanes on the highway, or when driving on slippery roads. The GVC Plus system will almost certainly come on the upcoming revamped CX-5, just as soon as Mazda reveals it in the states.