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New Mega Drift iOS Game Will Give Your Thumb Its Racing Fix

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New Mega Drift iOS Game App Blackbeard racing game

Footage from the upcoming Mega Drift app game looking exciting and exotic
Photo: Chillingovia YouTube

The next great racing app will be sliding into the App Store on Thursday, April 16th. Chillingo, a leading mobile games publisher, has partnered with up-and-coming Swedish development studio Blackbeard Games to produce a pocket-sized racing experience that fits in the palm of your hand.

Mega Drift, what promises to be a fast-paced virtual adventure, will undoubtedly be the next app on your iOS device. Not sure if it’s for you? Check out the footage below.

Will Mega Drift Deliver Addicting Racing Gameplay?

As you can see, the simple but practical design of Mega Drift is appealing to the eyes and the¬†adrenaline. Early reviews of the iOS app say it’s a fun game with reasonable loading times that’s appealing long after¬†the basic drifting technique is mastered. The vehicle turns left or right based on the phone’s tilt, and a single-button boost system can be done with one hand.

Mega Drift can quickly become addicting due to the continual race against the clock to reach the next checkpoint. Within the game, coins can be collected to unlock other cars or upgrade existing ones. A variety of courses can be unlocked with each progressing success, such as forests and deserts. Available racing vehicles–which look like old Micro Machines–range from semi-trucks to hatchbacks to muscle cars. All come with varying Top Speeds, Boost Powers, and Toughness, which can be upgraded using more coins.

This racing app looks simple to pick up and learn and can integrate with Facebook to challenge your friends. Mega Drift should be worth a download!