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New Site Aims To Help Women Navigate Automotive World

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Ruby Davis of ChickDriven

It’s no secret that the world of cars is dominated by men. Buying a new car or getting work done on an existing vehicle can be very intimidating as a woman (I would know), and you are never quite sure if what a professional is telling you is the truth or intimidation.

This uncertainty as a woman in the car world led entrepreneur Ruby Davis to launch a new car site called ChickDriven, aimed at women who are looking to make the right car decisions. Davis says, “My own experience as a first time car buyer left me feeling like I was taken for a ride. Even though I have an understanding of cars, I was caught up in the buying process and jumped into the purchase without doing proper research. I purchased a car with all the glitz and glamour, thought I had an amazing deal package but was delivered a car with the basic package and paid premium price. I think that car salesmen see a woman and they assume it’ll be easy to take advantage of her.”

According to Davis, there are several signs a female car buyer should be on the lookout for when buying a new or used car, the first being simple aggression that a car salesman would never dream of using on a male customer. A sales consultant might also push for an immediate sale, but Davis recommends waiting, saying “Walk away and sleep on it before purchasing. The salesperson may tell you if you don’t buy the car right then and there the price will go up or they might tell you someone else might purchase the car. While this may be true, it is better to consider all aspects of the car instead of rushing into something you didn’t really want or can’t afford.”

Woman in Red Car

Davis warns that attitude can determine how you will be treated by a sales consultant. “If you walk into a car dealership umming and ahhing you might fall into this very well-known trap where the salesperson thinks they can take advantage of you.” She then advises that all car buyers, not just women, should do their homework before hitting a dealership lot. “Before you walk into a dealership, know exactly what you want. Do you want a convertible, an SUV or are you a mom looking for something that will fit a stroller in the back? Knowledge is power.” ChickDriven has several car reviews that can also be helpful for new buyers.

While working in a male-dominated field can be difficult at times, Davis loves the challenge of breaking down barriers in the automotive industry. She also sees the importance of ChickDriven in this environment, saying “Interest of women in cars is often regarded as something opposed to the basic understanding of femininity and is written to the account of the prevalence of masculine vibe in such a female. However, women purchasing a car unquestionably have standards as high as men do. They know what they expect from a driving experience and are not ready to settle for less, and with ChickDriven we are breaking these barriers.”

ChickDriven does focus many of its reviews on luxury vehicles, because they just look so darn good. When we asked Ruby Davis what her ultimate car would be if she had an unlimited budget, she said “If money were no object – there would be more than one car in my driveway! I would choose the Ferrari 250 GTO as my classic car and a Pagani Zonda.”

If you’re a woman looking to buy a car in the near future, consider cruising on over to ChickDriven and checking out some of Ruby Davis’ tips and tricks.

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