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New South Wales to Install Cameras to Curb Distracted Driving

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Australians aren’t joking around when it comes to texting while behind the wheel. New South Wales plans to install 45 AI-enhanced cameras on main roads by December. According to The Drive, this project will make this Australian state the first international jurisdiction to use cameras specifically for distracted driving

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Details about the cameras

Each of the new cameras uses two cameras to base citations on. The first camera zooms in through the windshield to capture a picture of the driver’s hands, while the other one gets a shot of the car’s license plates.

Next, the system uses AI to send the incriminating pictures to a human to inspect. If the pictures depict texting while driving, that person then mails the offender the ticket. Each offense will cost $230, according to The Drive.  

Support for implementing the new system

Over the next five years, the cameras are expected to prevent 100 fatalities as well as major injuries. NSW roads minister Andrew Constance expressed his support of the new camera system. “Drink-driving […] is on a par with mobile phone use, and that’s why we want everyone to be aware that you’re going to get busted doing this anytime, anywhere.”

During a six-month pilot earlier this year, the cameras filtered 8.5 million vehicles. They detected more than 100,000 instances of distracted driving by either phone or iPad. By 2023, New South Wales aims to hit 135 million photo checks per year. 

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News Source: The Drive