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New Survey Suggests Distracted Driving Is on the Rise in the US

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Distracted Driving
The U.S. has a new surge of distracted driving, according to artificial intelligence tech company Netradyne

If you’ve encountered more instances of distracted driving than usual when commuting, running errands, or going on a Sunday afternoon joy ride, you’re not imagining things. Thanks to a new survey commissioned by Netradyne, there is some research to back up your observations.

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The findings

According to the online survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 50 percent of participants claim that driving is becoming more dangerous. 82 percent believe that distracted driving is increasing.

The survey also indicated that 1 in 7 drivers lost a vehicle or experienced a personal injury due to a distracting driving-related impact. And 1 in 5 drivers surveyed claimed that they were fined or given points on their license due to hazardous roadside behaviors.

In addition, 67 percent of survey takers ranked social media as the most severe distraction for drivers. Drinking liquids while driving was one of the most prevalent types of distracted behaviors, according to 35 percent of respondents.

girl driving teen driver
Teen drivers on the road this summer are one factor contributing to the current spike in distracted driving

Potential factors feeding the trend

Netradyne highlighted two possible factors for the recent uptick in distracted driving on U.S. roads this summer. For one thing, it’s summer break, so more teen drivers are behind the wheel. There’s a reason that some people call the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day as the “100 Deadliest Days.”

Many people are returning to work or embarking on family road trips this season as COVID-19 restrictions have eased up. AAA estimates that Americans will take 683 million summer road trips (which is less than the usual average, but still significant). This has resulted in more vehicle traffic, which in turn, also means more distracted drivers are on the road.

Despite the sobering results of the study, individuals can still do their part in reducing distracted driving statistics. Skim this article for tips on breaking your bad habit of texting while driving. And try downloading one of these helpful smartphone apps that encourage you to stay focused in the driver’s seat.

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