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New Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Film “Best F(r)iends” May Deliver Flying Mustang Subplot

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Ford Mustang Best F(r)iends Greg Sestero Tommy Wiseau

Greg Sestero (left) and Tommy Wiseau (right) hit the road together in the new film “Best F(r)iends”

For years, people have been clamoring for a sequel to The Room, the undisputed king of so-bad-it’s-great cinema. There may never be a true sequel to that film—despite what I may have wished for on April Fool’s Day—and an eventual sequel likely would not recapture that same raw magic of the original. But, today, we can rest certain in the knowledge that Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are back together and making movies, and that their latest effort may just deliver a subplot involving a flying car.

The trailer for Best F(r)iends suggests a film that is a far cry from The Room’s barely human melodrama. The film, written by Sestero and directed by Gary Fong, seems to have more in common with the work of David Lynch; it’s dark and sinister, with shots indicating that Sestero and Wiseau will at some point be covered in someone’s blood.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the plot was inspired by a road trip that the duo took in 2003. Wiseau plays the role of an off-kilter mortician, who at some point treats himself to a brand-new Mustang with the money earned from what appears to be a scheme involving selling gold teeth pulled from the mouths of cadavers. Did I mention that this seems like a really weird movie?

Sestero posted about the film on his Facebook page earlier this afternoon, saying: “You guys wanted a flying car subplot, you just might get it.”

The film was shot in August and September, and The News Wheel’s Patrick Grieve tells me that the trailer preceded a screening of The Room that took place at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago on September 23rd. He also told me that Wiseau thought he worked for The A.V. Club. Hey, why not? Update: Patrick also advises the following: “[W]hen buying Tommy Wiseau underwear, get one size larger than you usually get…wish I had gone with a large. Or, perhaps, not bought Tommy Wiseau underwear at all.”

The film’s Facebook page lists its genre as thriller/horror/dark comedy, and seems to suggest a targeted 2017 release date. There is no news yet with regards to distribution, but Wong and Sestero told The Hollywood Reporter that they are hoping for a theatrical release. Please, oh please.

Trailer: Best F(r)iends, Starring Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau

News Source: The Hollywood Reporter