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New ‘Top Gear’ Off to a Rocky Start

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New Top Gear Hosts in Liverpool

From L-R: Rory Reid, Chris Evans (not that one), The Stig, Matt LeBalnc, Sabine Schmitz, and Chris Harris.

So, remember how the three hosts of Top Gear in the UK jumped ship and moved to Amazon, forcing the BBC to hire an all-new team to reboot the show? We were so happy to finally see filming underway for the new series, and we were hoping and dreaming that maybe, just maybe, some of the magic of previous seasons would return to our TVs with a new season.

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Well, maybe we wished too hard, because with the new team behind the Top Gear wheel comes a new set of feuds and disagreements. The program has already landed in hot water after performing a stunt near London’s famed and revered Cenotaph, a memorial that honors those who died in WWI. It seems as if the incident has started a firestorm in the ranks of the show’s six presenters (we still can’t believe there are that many of them). According to The Daily Mail, ringleader Chris Evans (not that one) and Matt LeBlanc have locked horns over the Cenotaph incident, which was led by LeBlanc, because Evans believes that it has hurt the show’s look to be so disrespectful. The pair have brushed off the rumors on social media, but the public now see a cloud of discord hanging over the show.

Rumors of a disagreement with Matt LaBlanc are also doing nothing to help the image of Chris Evans, which has been tarnished by reports of tyrannical behavior. Perhaps in a move to emulate America’s jack-of-all-trades Ryan Seacrest, Evans has continued to host his breakfast show on BBC Radio 2 as he is filming for Top Gear. According to the Telegraph, the stress is making him lash out at producers and crew. Of course the BBC has claimed that the reports are false, and that Evans is doing a great job.

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Even if both cases are just rumors, the BBC needs to get this situation under control, and fast. The viewing public is already not thrilled that Top Gear was forced into a reboot, and reports like these are helping to push viewers away before the first episode even airs.

News Source: The Telegraph