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New ‘Top Gear’ Show Flounders as Fans Call First Episode “Boring”

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Top Gear Revamp Launch

The newly revamped Top Gear had the majority of audiences cringing throughout
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The moment Top Gear fans have all been waiting for has come and gone. Earlier this week, the newly revamped British car show took to the airwaves with its brand-new cast and now, it’s raking in the reactions—both good and bad.

Some, like the show’s new host, Chris Evans, might say the big debut was a smashing success.

Others might say it flopped more than a fish freshly out of the water.

I, personally, am going with the latter.

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Despite the resounding “NOOOOOOO!” heard around the world as the show launched—not to mention the utter dismay of social media users in both the UK and the US—Chris Evans is holding steadfast that the revamped show was a success. Evans took it to the critics earlier this week with a series of tweets explaining why the show was a hit. In one, he claimed that the show’s audience grew throughout the hour and was the most watched item on iPlayer.

In another, he explained that the opening episode of his Top Gear actually beat out the opening episode of the last series with Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

The show drew an average of only 4.3 million viewers, after Evans admitted that he would be “disappointed” if the ratings didn’t reach 5 million. It did trump the last time the show launched in 2002, though, when it only received 3.5 million viewers—but that was well before Clarkson, Hammond, and May became household names.

Needless to say, those Gear heads in the Twitterverse didn’t exactly agree with Evans’ claim that the show was a hit. There were a number of adjectives used to describe the new show, including “bloody awful,” “soulless,” “boring,” and “staged”. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say Top Gear wasn’t as successful as Evans believes.

The hashtag #RIPTopGear also became a thing last night.”>#TopGear , something’s wrong. One host is boring & the other is boorish.#RIPTopGear

— Bev (@schroddybach) May 31, 2016

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Some Twitter users didn’t get mad at the show itself, though. Instead, they turned their anger towards Clarkson, blaming him for the show’s terrible turn.

Despite Clarkson’s notoriously scandalous behavior, he’s actually stayed surprisingly mum on the subject. Since the show debuted in the UK on Sunday, he has yet to send out a single tweet to give viewers an idea of what he’s thinking. Come to think of it, the only reference either of the original trio has made to the new show was this tweet from James may that was sent out shortly before it was broadcast:

It will be interesting to see how the show progresses throughout the season—and how the previous three Top Gear hosts’ new Amazon Prime show, The Grand Tour, will fare.

My money is on it being awesome.

News Source: The Telegraph