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New Toyota Mirai Gets 402 Miles of Hydrogen Range

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2021 Toyota Mirai Limited in Oxygen White (front)
Photo: Toyota

We’ve already talked about the all-new, second-generation Toyota Mirai, but one key detail missing up until now was its range. The automaker had set its sights on 400 miles for “the wow factor,” yet hoping for it is one thing — achieving it is another. It seems Toyota has made good on its intent: the new Toyota Mirai has a 402-mile range.

This puts the Mirai at the very top of the heap of long-range, zero-emissions vehicles. It’s one of only two current production vehicles that can claim to have a range of over 400 miles, the other being the 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, whose EPA-estimated range is identical to the Mirai’s.

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2021 Toyota Mirai Limited in Hydro Blue (fueling station)
Photo: Toyota

But the Mirai has a big advantage. While the Model S Long Range Plus starts at $69,420, the next-gen Mirai starts at $49,500, over $9,000 less than the first-gen Mirai and nearly $20,000 less than the Tesla. Additionally, it can be fully refueled in just five minutes, as opposed to the few hours required by the Model S and other battery-electric cars.

The downside is that enjoying those five-minute refueling times is impossible anywhere outside of the Los Angeles area, the only area in which you’ll find hydrogen refueling stations. Still, this doesn’t seem overly concerning to Toyota, which called the new Mirai its technology flagship sedan and views fuel cell technology as the future of the automobile. Just a few days ago, Toyota president Akio Toyoda even claimed that electric vehicles were overhyped.

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  • 2021 Toyota Mirai XLE in Supersonic Red (front)
  • 2021 Toyota Mirai Limited in Hydro Blue (rear)
  • 2021 Toyota Mirai Limited in Hydro Blue (digital rearview mirror)
  • 2021 Toyota Mirai Limited in Black (cockpit)
  • 2021 Toyota Mirai Limited in Hydro Blue (infotainment display)
  • 2021 Toyota Mirai Limited in Black (water purge message)
  • 2021 Toyota Mirai Limited in Hydro Blue (under the hood)

While Toyoda’s criticism of electrification technology came under fire, the Mirai itself no doubt stands as a strong argument in favor of Toyota’s proposed alternative. The car is luxuriously appointed, well put together, packed with high-tech features, and exceptionally efficient. What’s more, Toyota’s reputation for reliability and build quality is heads and shoulders above that of Tesla’s.

On paper, the new Toyota Mirai is by far the better car. But until hydrogen refueling stations become at least as commonplace as charging stations, it unfortunately remains a niche product.