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New York City Pushes for Caps on Ride-Sharing Services in New Proposal

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New York City

Photo: Nout Gons

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have changed the way we view transportation. Getting around in a city is no longer about hailing a cab or taking the subway. Instead, Uber and Lyft drivers swarm the city. You can order a car and have it pick you up within minutes simply by clicking a few buttons on your phone.

Now, New York City is pushing to become the first city in the United States to place caps on ride-sharing services. Traffic and congestion have increased dramatically with the introduction of Uber and Lyft, causing gridlock downtown. The proposal to limit ride-sharing services in the city comes from City Council speaker Corey Johnson, who says that the industry needs stronger limitations. The proposal also seeks to set minimum pay requirements for drivers in order to promote livable wages in the industry.

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“This is the plan that we came up with and in my heart I believe it’s the best path forward,” said Corey Johnson. “Our goal has always been to protect drivers, bring fairness to the industry, and reduce congestion. That’s what this proposal does, and it represents the broad outlines of what we think our next steps should be as a city to help the industry.”

Of course, a strong opponent to restrictions on its services, Uber had a statement of its own. Josh Gold, a spokesman for Uber, criticized the proposal, claiming it will put a burden on riders outside of Manhattan. He said taxi services are difficult to come by outside of Manhattan, and with a lack of public transit in those areas, many people rely on Uber to get from place to place. “The City Council’s Uber cap will leave New Yorkers stranded while doing nothing to prevent congestion, fix the subways, and help struggling taxi medallion owners,” he said.

New York City is Uber’s largest market in the United States.┬áThe City Council will begin the voting process on Aug. 8, 2018.

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Source: The New York Times