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New Yorkers Step Up To Help Trapped Pedestrian

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New York City
Photo: Nout Gons

When you think of the stereotype of New York City residents, popular culture tells us we should be thinking of people who are extremely rude and brash. The heroic actions of some New Yorkers this month on the Lower East Side might have you changing your tune.

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On the evening of Sunday, Jan. 26, a black SUV ran over a pedestrian at the corner of Delancey and Norfolk. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the hurt woman was stuck under the vehicle. Amidst the chaos of the crash and the panic of people on the street, a few good Samaritans decided to take action.

Working together, a group of about a dozen or more fellow pedestrians gathered on the driver’s side of the SUV to lift one side off of the ground. They managed to tilt the vehicle up high enough to drag the trapped woman out from underneath. Twitter user @ColbyDroscher captured the whole thing on video from across the street.

We don’t know the name of the female pedestrian or her injuries, but a follow-up post from @ColbyDroscher suggests that she was mostly okay. When the FDNY arrived to help and take her to the hospital, she was alert and using her cell phone.

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No matter if you’re driving in a busy city like NYC or out in the country, always keep your eyes peeled for pedestrians in the roadway. While this story didn’t end in tragedy, that’s not always true when hulking masses of rubber, glass, and metal hit the human body.