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Next-Gen Holden Commodore to Be Produced in Germany

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The next-generation Holden Commodore will go on sale in 2018

The 2018 Commodore will be the first version not built in Australia

With production of the Commodore VF quickly coming to a close, Holden has decided to uplift the spirits of its loyal followers by announcing that a next-generation Commodore will be released in 2018, but the new model will be unlike any Commodore that’s come before it.

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The next-generation Holden Commodore will go on sale in 2018

Next-generation Commodore

The Holden Commodore has been produced in Australia every year since 1978, but the next-gen model will be produced in Germany and will utilize the same platform as the new Opel Insignia. Furthermore, rather than coming in rear-wheel drive format, the next-generation Commodore will come standard as a front-wheel drive model with torque-vectoring all-wheel drive also available.

Engine options will include both petrol and diesel-powered turbo-fours, while a 308-horsepower V6 engine will be offered with the range-topping version of the 2018 Commodore. That 3.6-liter V6 will come matched with a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Other notable changes for the next-gen Commodore include a new adaptive suspension and an updated infotainment system that will be compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Despite being the first Commodore imported to Australia, Holden engineers are reportedly working closely with the Opel staff to make sure the ‘18 Commodore lives up to the expectations of what the Australian public wants from the car.

“With the first-ever imported Commodore, we’re delivering our customers an absolutely world-beating vehicle, with the space, practicality, technology and driving pleasure that Commodore has always provided,” said Peter Keley, Holden’s Executive Director of Sales. “This is a different kind of Commodore to what has come before but lives up to the nameplate in every respect and will carry our heritage with pride.”

The new Holden Commodore is scheduled to go on sale in 2018.

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