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Next-Gen Shelby GT500 May Get Seven-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission: Report

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Ford Shelby GT500 teaser | Next-Gen Shelby GT500

There’s likely still quite a bit of time left before Ford gives up the goods on its 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500, which has left performance enthusiasts at large thirsty for details. So thirsty, in fact, that some might even believe that a mistake-riddled document that leaked last month confirms an output of 720 horsepower if only because it makes them feel that much closer to launch.

More reputable than a random reddit post, Jalopnik reported late in August that a source familiar with Ford’s internal spec sheets passed along that the Mustang Shelby GT500 is slated to only receive a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. This would be a new, different DCT than that offered with the Ford GT, which leads Jalopnik’s Bozi Tatarevic to speculate that it would be the Tremec TR-9007 getting the nod.

Unsurprisingly, a Ford spokesperson was unwilling to comment, saying that no powertrain specifics have been announced and that we shouldn’t expect an announcement until it’s closer to hitting the market.

Seemingly confirming the presence of a dual clutch transmission is the above video, obtained by Mustang6G, in which a Shelby GT500 prototype can be heard shifting gears much more quickly than a six-speed manual would allow.

This, naturally, has the potential to upset purists who will scoff at the idea of a high-powered Mustang Shelby GT500 offered with anything other than a manual transmission. With its output of 700+ horsepower, it’s a safe bet that they won’t stay mad all that long.

News Source: Jalopnik