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NHTSA Set to Issue Autonomous Car Guidelines in July

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking to set autonomous car guidelines by July
Photo courtesy of NHTSA

The world of autonomous vehicles is quickly developing with carmakers around the globe attempting to introduce self-driving vehicles. Now, to help guide the creating, testing, and selling these innovative driverless cars, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has decided to set an initial set of guidelines by July. With these guidelines, the safety organization hopes to help find common ground in current and future development of self-driving vehicles.

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“What is unusual is everybody expects regulation comes out and that’s what it is forever, and NHTSA’s job is [to] react and enforce it,” said Dr. Mark Rosekind, NHTSA senior administrator. “That will not work with this area. I think we’re going to have something different in July.”

As autonomous cars become closer and closer to being a reality, the NHTSA is concerned with the lack of consistency between the laws regarding autonomous cars from state to state. Currently, each state has different laws and regulations that define how self-driving vehicles can operate within its borders. The NHTSA believes that there must be consistent rules and regulations to allow autonomous car development to flourish.

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The NHTSA plans on addressing four specific areas in its guidelines. The first is deployment, which touches on the ability to test, sell, and drive autonomous cars. State policies are the second area and these encompass suggestions for standard regulations across the country. Then come new tools and clarified process terminology, which will make the process of creating, testing, and selling autonomous vehicles more consistent.

With these new guidelines, the process of introducing autonomous vehicle technology into the world should be easier and more consistent throughout the automotive industry. This move is definitely a giant leap forward for the industry as it explores this new technology, clearing the way for future growth.

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