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Nichols’ “One Percenter Revolution” Sheds Light on Radical Biker Culture [Book Review]

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One Percenter Revolution book review Dave Nichols Easy Rider biker motorcycle gang motorbooks cover

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When it comes to motorcycles, onlookers look at the two-wheelers as another form of transportation; but to riders, they involve a lifestyle with their own honor, codes, and allegiances. Bucking the laws of the land and rejecting the conformist, political correct dogma of society, a small sect of rebels have taken to their motorcycles and become outlaws–the one percenters.

They’ve been around for decades, on open roads and in media like Easy Rider, and with the popularity of modern entertainment like Sons of Anarchy, a new generation is carrying the torch into the 21st century.

As an insider in this anarchistic world, editor-in chief of Easyriders and V-Twin magazines Dave Nichols takes readers on a journey into the wild, non-conformist lives of today’s bikers in his new book One Percenter Revolution.

One Percenter Revolution: Riding Free in the 21st Century
By Dave Nichols, Photographs by Ben Zales

Product Details: Hardcover
, 224 pages, 6″ × 9″
Retail Price: $28 USA
Publication Date: April 2016
ISBN: 9780760352380
Publisher: Motorbooks, an imprint of Quarto Publishing Group

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One Percenter Revolution: Book Summary and Review

One Percenter Revolution book review Dave Nichols Easy Rider biker motorcycle gang motorbooks summary

From the cover, One Percenter Revolution grabs your attention thanks to Ryan Quickfall’s fiercely aggressive artwork and title design. It immediately advertises the gnarly, unrefined tone of what’s inside.

Between the covers is a glimpse into a world that few people have experienced. All 224 pages are packed with photographs of men and machines, both candid and posed. They’re both filthy and beautiful in a fascinating way. Among the images of chrome, tattoos and facial hair lies a testament to bikers old and young. Zales has accumulated an impressive portfolio that portrays a complex, bewitching story.

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One Percenter Revolution book review Dave Nichols Easy Rider biker motorcycle gang motorbooks photos

The text is divided into eight chapters, covering all the essential basics like the culture’s history, influential customization shops, and notable models. Nichols skillfully simplifies the information in each section to explain basic terms and ideas to uninitiated readers, and never in a way that speaks down to the readers or about the subjects. Even after a handful of skimmed pages, readers are bound to pick up some new insight into bikers and their gangs.One Percenter Revolution book review Dave Nichols Easy Rider biker motorcycle gang motorbooks pages

The quotes sprinkled throughout from riders and writers, celebrities and everyday folks, further communicate the ideals and spirit of these two-wheeled outlaws. As a whole, the text, images, and page designs blend seamlessly into one of the most alluring books on motorcycle culture I’ve read to date. While it doesn’t necessarily show the darker, grittier sides of the one percenters, it still does justice to providing a basic introduction to the life.

This is the third book in Dave Nichols’ One Percenter trilogy, but you don’t need to have read the first two entries to appreciate all the insight and effort he put into One Percenter Revolution to make it a lasting testament to a sect that so few outsiders understand.

One Percenter Revolution is available through the publisher’s website, Amazon, and other retailers.

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