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Nick Twork Named Director of Corporate Communications for Infiniti

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Nick Twork

Nick Twork, Infiniti’s new Director of Corporate Communications

Infiniti Americas has announced Nick Twork as its new Director of Corporate Communications, effective July 21. The new role—an entirely new position at Infiniti altogether—will see Twork creating and applying new communications strategies in the Americas, including brand and product, internal and lifestyle communications.


“Nick brings a wealth of experience in communications and automotive industry,” said Infiniti Americas Vice President Michael Bartsch, to whom Twork will report directly. “I am glad that he is joining Infiniti Americas’ leadership team and I’m confident that Nick will play a critical role in transforming the Infiniti brand in the Americas as part of our global effort.”


Nick Twork previously served as the lead for project communications at Porsche North America. Prior to taking the Porsche job in 2011, Twork spent two years as Director for Cadillac Communications. Twork has also worked for Ford Motor Company and has experience as an industry analyst and journalist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Automotive Marketing and Management from Northwood University. Sure, he’s qualified, but here’s how we know that Nick Twork is truly the man for the job: his Twitter handle is @ntwork.  Kinda like…network. Which is, ya know, one of the important aspects of communicating. Heh. Get it? Sorry, we’ll show ourselves out.