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Go Green: Nimbus e-Car Concept Van is Hippies’ Dream Vehicle

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Nimbus e-Car Concept Van

The Nimbus e-Car Concept Van (image courtesy of Eduardo Galvani)

What do you get when you cross a Volkswagen Bus with modern, green energy?

No, this is not a joke. The answer lies in an interesting new concept vehicle called The Nimbus (unfortunately nothing to do with Harry Potter’s broomstick). With a shape that resembles the now-extinct VW Kombi bus, this intriguing van comes with seating for five, a small refrigerator for your green juice or wheat grass or whatever, and even a removable seven-inch tablet computer that contains everything you’d ever want to know about the vehicle, life, and the universe. This is no ordinary hippy van.

The Nimbus e-Car concept van is equipped with a 180-horsepower hybrid motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, and is built with lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and titanium to maximize gas mileage. Designed by Brazilian artist Eduardo Galvani, the vehicle packs an impressive 200 miles into each charge, getting an estimated 181 mpg equivalent. It comes with four different driving modes—energy saver, standard mode, faster cruise, and four-wheel drive—meaning that it can handle pretty much any kind of terrain with ease. The Nimbus’ roof is covered with solar panels, helping it create some of its own energy, while a regenerative brake mechanism helps save kinetic energy. All in all, this is one impressive green machine.

Gallery: Nimbus e-Car Concept Van Exterior

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At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Nimbus looked like someone farted rather a lot inside a VW Bus. Its bubble-like shape makes it appear almost cartoonish, but step inside and you’ll soon change your mind. This grown-up van has an onboard Wi-Fi hub, and its removable tablet includes information about the weather and videoconferencing capability for meetings on-the-go, all while giving you the ability to control the vehicle’s lighting, interior temperature, audio system, and navigation display. Additionally, the tablet lets you know the Nimbus’ current tire pressure, maintenance schedule, and more. Finally, self-cleaning surfaces mean the Nimbus takes care of its own hygiene, saving you both time and water.

Gallery: Nimbus e-Car Concept Van Interior

A comprehensive safety package includes six airbags, side protection bars, a back camera, and obstacle-detection sensors. The Nimbus also features a myriad of windows, making for excellent driving visibility.

There are currently no plans for mass-production of the Nimbus e-Car concept van, but it’s well worth checking out this unique vehicle. And who knows–perhaps one day a vehicle like the Nimbus will replace the VW Bus at the Ultimate Hippymobile.