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Nissan and EVgo are About to Install 200 New Fast Chargers Across the United States

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Fast-charging continues to expand across North America

A Nissan Vehicle at an EVgo Charging Station
A Nissan vehicle charging up at an EVgo station
Photo: Nissan

As all-electric vehicles continue to rise in popularity and general appeal, two of the biggest names in the market are planning to make it more convenient than ever to drive an EV. Nissan, the manufacturer behind the popular LEAF and LEAF PLUS, is partnering with EVgo, creators of the largest public fast-charging network in North America, to construct 200 more fast-charging stations in select markets across the United States.

In a press release about the rollout, Aditya Jairaj, director of EV Sales and Marketing, Nissan North America, Inc, said: “Nissan and EVgo will accelerate fast charging by committing to a multi-year charger construction program that will continue to expand fast-charging options for EV drivers across the country.”

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Fast-charging stations may be closer than you think.

The last segment of her statement is particularly important, given that she didn’t specify “options for Nissan LEAF drivers across the country.” The partnership between Nissan and EVgo, which has been in place for six years, is committed to improving the charging network for all EV drivers, not just those who have purchased Nissan vehicles. As such, each of the 200 new chargers will be outfitted with both CHAdeMO and CCS connectors.

Over the course of their relationship, Nissan and EVgo have collectively installed more than 2,000 quick charge stations across the nation. A recent figure showed that more than 100 million Americans currently live within 15 minutes of an EVgo charging station, and so far, Nissan has sold more than 400,000 LEAF vehicles worldwide.

The electric power couple will also launch a co-marketing initiative meant to explain the benefits of converting to EVs, which will highlight the Nissan LEAF PLUS’ range of up to 226 miles, and EVgo’s network of fast-charging stations in the hopes of siphoning even more drivers away from traditional, fossil fuel burning cars.

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