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Nissan’s Around View Monitor Goes for a Dip

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Innovative technology to help ROBs search Earth’s oceans

Nissan’s Around View Monitor is benefiting more than just cars. The technology, which Nissan first introduced in 2007 and which will be used on Nissan’s autonomous drive vehicles (look for that in 2020), is now going to be utilized in helping the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) and Topy Industries explore the murky depths of the ocean.

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An ROV with Nissan's Around View Monitor

An ROV with Nissan’s Around View Monitor

Topy is known for manufacturing robot crawlers and will manufacture specialty remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) equipped with Nissan’s Around View Monitor for deep underwater exploration. JAMSTEC is specifically looking for natural resources that we can make use of. Nissan’s tech will help the ROV operators steer clear of any obstacles and make their way around on the seafloor.

Around View Monitor will give the operators a 360-degree view of the ocean floor. The technology will help the ROVs obtain more precise distance measurements and will provide a real-time bird’s eye view for those in the mother ship during the ROV exploration.

Nissan’s primary goal with Around View Monitor is, of course, to eradicate traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths, but the company is glad to have found an alternative use for the technology in a wholly unexpected place.

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