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Nissan’s Booth At The LA Auto Show Is A ‘Star Wars’ Paradise

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LA Auto Show Nissan Booth 2017The LA Auto Show is for many journalists the beginning of the auto show “season” that runs during the winter in the US. After LA there is a gap for the holidays, followed by the big shows in Detroit and Chicago, as well as more local shows to let customers and observers get up close and personal with the latest from all the brands. This week, Nissan unveiled an almost completely Star Wars-themed booth in California, and we really hope it makes it to the Windy City in February.

In the booth, the whopping seven show cars that Nissan built to promote its partnership with Lucasfilm and Star Wars: The Last Jedi dominate a large portion of the booth. Above the cars, six huge replicas of X-wing Fighters, some of the most iconic spaceships from this movie universe, hang from the ceiling, which makes visitors feel like they’re in the midst of a powerful futuristic fleet.

In the back of the booth, visitors can play the Nissan-powered Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay VR Experience created by ILMxLAB. When show attendees come in the door of the show, they will also have the option of visiting the “See the Unseen” Augmented Reality Lobby Experience and see the Nissan Rogue and Maxima use their Nissan Intelligent Mobility features in a galactic landscape.

Basically, this booth is sure to be a million times better than whatever the competitors brought with them. Another brand might have brought hats or cool swag, but it’s hard to go against a movie franchise as powerful as Star Wars (and Nissan knows it).

The News Wheel's Chicago Auto Show Team at the Nissan Booth

Last year, when a team from The News Wheel attended the Chicago Auto Show, we saw a lot of cars and a lot of displays to show them off. We all had our favorite parts of the show, but it’s pretty telling that when we wanted to take a group picture, we did it in front of the Nissan Rogue mocked up as an X-wing Fighter from Star Wars. Dear Nissan, if you read this, pretty please bring all this cool Star Wars stuff to Chicago so we can see it. We promise not to drool on the carpet too much.