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Non-Obvious Interior Features to Look For in an RV

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1976 Revcon interior
Photo: ClassA RVs | Flickr

If you’re shopping for a recreational vehicle, you may already have a list of features you want. But while some features might only matter to you subjectively and not to other owners, there are some that tend to matter to almost everyone. What’s more, some features are the type you might not realize you wanted until you’re already traveling, and are easy to miss while shopping at a dealership. Below, we’ll go over some of the top features we think all RV shoppers should look for, which you might not already have on your list.

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Weekend-ready tanks

Because you can’t see them, it’s easy to forget about the fresh water, gray water, and black water tanks. But if you plan to do any dry camping or to stay in parks with limited access to hook ups, tank size is something you’ll want to pay attention to. Your grey and black water tanks should be able to handle at least a full weekend’s worth of RV use, but if you only plan to camp at private campgrounds, this is a feature you can safely ignore.

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Usable bathroom size

When shopping for an RV, most people feel too awkward to get inside the bathroom and sit on the toilet. Instead, they just peek inside and move on. But because having your own bathroom is one of the biggest perks of traveling via RV, it’s important that you assess whether it’s up to snuff. Sit on the toilet and stand in the shower. Is there enough room? How much space do you have when the door is closed? Consider that if it feels a little cramped while shopping, it could feel intolerable a few days into your RV vacation.

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Doors instead of curtains

Many lightweight RVs shed a few pounds by replacing the doors with curtains. While shopping for a new RV, it might be easy to overlook the desire for privacy you’ll have later. If you’re going to travel with someone who isn’t your significant other, you’ll probably want doors. Just make sure that your vehicle can tow a heavier RV.