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Non-Paying Customer vs. Enraged Nail Artist Who Jumped on Car

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If you get your nails done at Unique Nails in Jackson, Tennessee, you’re expected to pay before leaving. One customer experienced the negative ramifications that result when customers fail to pay for service at this shop.

At 3:30pm on Saturday afternoon, the non-paying customer attempted to flee the scene of the crime, as a viral video posted on Facebook depicted. The footage portrays the driver arguing with two nail salon artists while a few other employees look on nearby. The customer hops in her car and yells out the window that she paid them, while a particularly assertive nail artist argues back and claims that she didn’t pay.

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The driver threatens that she’ll run over the angry employee who stands behind the trunk of the car, attempting to block an escape. She and another employee physically try to stop the vehicle from driving off. Before the customer drives away, the main nail artist jumps onto the decklid of the vehicle and clings on for a few blocks before the driver reportedly drags the nail artist off of her car and beats her.

The nail artist is currently in the hospital. Jackson Police have confirmed that they’re holding a suspect in custody as they investigate the crime. We await more details as authorities resolve the crime.¬†On a lighter note, nail salons nationwide might want to start implementing stricter payment policies to help ensure that they are fully compensated for their cosmetic services, without having to physically confront potentially violent customers who try to leave without paying.

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News Source: WBBJ-TV