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Not Particularly Convincing Attempt at Viral Video Sees Granny Smashing Windshield

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Sometimes, when one surfs the Internet long enough, they might stumble upon a picture or a video of a candid moment or an unexpected occurrence that strikes them as funny. They might then share said picture or video with their friends, who then share it with their friends, and so on and so on. The result is what kids refer to these days as “going viral.”

Sometimes, in an effort to “go viral,” someone will attempt to stage something that might be perceived as candid or unexpected in the hopes that it will dupe a lot of people into sharing it with their friends. For an example of this, please see the video above.

The video, shared this afternoon CarScoops, hits all the right notes for “viral sensation”: it’s got an “old woman” appealing to everyone who’s ever wanted vengeance for losing a parking space to some impatient jerk, just the right amount of windshield smashing, and a pair of Toyota Prii.

However, it’s pretty obviously what folks in the wrestling business call a “work.” Your first clue would be the inexplicable decision to completely ignore four open parking spots. The second would be the exceptional camera quality (have you ever actually seen footage from a CCTV) and the fact that it’s focused in tight on a couple of parking spaces in particular.

Of course, the most glaring question would be this: what old woman do you know who drives around with a baseball bat in their backseat?

granny smashes window

Smash, and to the left. Smash, and to the left.

Well, it was a good try. Not quite viral, but a good try nonetheless. Back to the drawing board!

Via: CarScoops