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Official 2020 Formula One Calendar

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Empty Barcelona circuit
Barcelona awaits
Photo: Reynier Carl | Unsplash

The 2020 FIA Formula One World Championship will span 22 races from mid-March to the end of November, the busiest season the sport will have experienced yet. It will feature the return of the Zandvoort circuit in the Netherlands and introduce a brand-new venue in Vietnam. Check out the calendar below to see what to expect, including a shortened pre-season.

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2020 Formula One schedule

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Note that while the Chinese Grand Prix was scheduled to take place in Shanghai on April 19, it was suspended as a result of the coronavirus outbreak that has already claimed thousands of lives. And while F1 managing director Ross Brawn had previously said there would be efforts to reschedule the race if it could not be held on April 19, so far it is looking more likely that the race will not take place at all.

The F1 calendar is already quite packed even without the Chinese Grand Prix, and teams rejected a suggestion to schedule the race after the Hungarian Grand Prix, which would have cut into their summer break. Most of the other possible moves would involve having four or five races taking place over consecutive weekends, which is likely too disruptive and expensive for teams to agree to it. It’s also not clear when China will be able to hold a major international sporting event again.

The Imola circuit in Italy has tried to use the opportunity to slot itself back into the calendar and take Shanghai’s place in 2020, but with April already just around the corner, it would be surprising if they could get all of the preparations ready in time.

This means that while 2020 was originally going to set a record for the most amount of F1 races ever held in a single season, it will more than likely span 21 races instead, the same as in the last few years.