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Ohio Says You Can’t Wear a Pasta Colander in Your Driver’s License Photo

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If you live in Ohio and need to renew your driver’s license soon, you may want to err on the conservative side when picking out an outfit for your ID picture. Last year, state officials prohibited one driver from wearing a pasta colander in his driver’s license picture. 

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The story

Cincinnati resident Richard S. Moser III was the victim of the headline-making scenario. According to USA Today, Moser called his local burea of motor vehicles ahead of time asking if he could wear a colander in the picture and was told he could. When he showed up sporting aforesaid colander, however, he encountered disapproving glances before he got kicked out by the manager. Though Moser tried a second local BMV office to get his colander-sporting picture, he met with the same resistance. 

Photo: Pixabay

Pondering the legitimacy of Pastafarianism

Moser’s desire to wear a colander in his driver’s license picture is more than just a random whim. Instead, it’s a symbol of his Pastafarian beliefs. “My holy headgear is just as silly as others’. And I believe we’re all afforded to wear our holy headgear with the First Amendment,” said Moser. 

But currently, Ohio doesn’t consider Pastafarianism to be a “recognized religion.” And Moser has had to rope in the American Humanist Association to help defend his Pastafarian rights. 

Per USA Today, this organization wrote a letter to the motor vehicles bureau on Oct. 8. The letter claimed that by denying Moser the legal right to wear his religious symbol, the state was violating the First and 14th amendments. 

Concluding thoughts

We’ll have to wait to see how Moser’s case resolves in the days ahead. In the meantime, avoid wearing any colanders the next time you go to the BMV to get a new driver’s license picture. 

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