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One Man Arrested for Vandalized Florida Patrol Car

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So you damaged my car, eh? Don’t ever do that again. Enjoy that cell, mate.

Not every movie gets a proper sequel. However, a 20-year old man’s video of his work to a vandalized Florida patrol car did.

Ryan Stump of Jensen Beach jumped onto a deputy’s patrol car parked at the Treasure Coast Square mall and stomped across its roof and hood, filming it and posting it online.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office later published it to its Facebook page and called the suspect an “amateur film maker,” but the best was yet to come.

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While Stump was going through paperwork related to a separate drug charge, the sheriff’s office warrants detectives gave him a rude awakening. As a follow-up to Stump’s grainy cellphone video, deputies captured his arrest with much clearer resolution, showing off their better technology and superior storytelling.

Something tells me that he may have been more caught off guard than the sheriff’s office over the deputy’s damaged car.

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We do love happy endings, don’t we?

According to the Florida sheriff’s office Facebook page, the damage to the patrol vehicle cost about $2,000 for the dents or chipped paint Stump may have caused.

Most stupid videos do not get sequels, but in this case, the embarrassing one Stump shot received a well-deserved one that teaches all youngsters an important lesson about respecting law enforcement.

Source: Orlando Sentinel