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OnStar’s Personalized Safety Services Take Center Stage in Dramatic New Ad

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OnStar is launching a new ad campaign to bring the focus back to its safety services
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A new OnStar ad debuting on TV today is designed to re-emphasize the GM service’s safety and security functions.

The ad, titled “Horn,” shows a montage of wilderness scenes that become more and more ominous as audio of a post-crash car horn grows louder and louder. The camera pans to an SUV that’s gone off the road, and it’s clear just how isolated the shaken-up driver is in the gorgeous, yet remote, forest.

However, relief floods in as “Jim from OnStar” calmly reassures her and sends for help. “The last thing you want to be right now is alone,” reads the text on the screen.

“We think (the ad) is really going to capture people’s attention and refocus our messaging on safety and security, (while) very clearly reminding people that it’s available on every Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicle,” OnStar sales and marketing director Gerard Connell told The Detroit News.

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OnStar is also bringing back its “Real Calls” radio ads. These spots feature real-life audio of OnStar advisers assisting drivers in difficult situations. They’ll be narrated by the actress Laura Dern.

OnStar was mainly focused on safety when it launched in 1996, offering services like navigation and emergency response. It now offers automatic crash response, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle recovery, and more — but has also been used as a way to package and sell non-safety GM services such as in-car Wi-Fi and LTE hotspots.

The new ad is part of a greater “Be Safe Out There” campaign to promote OnStar. It’s a way to bring the attention back to OnStar’s safety features — and to the human touch that sets those capabilities apart from competitors. The service employs 2,500 trained dispatchers in the U.S. and Canada who field 245,000 calls a day.

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News Source: The Detroit News