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Ontario Allows Drivers to Show Electronic Proof of Insurance

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Ontario drivers are now allowed to show electronic proof of insurance via smartphone

Carrying proof of car insurance is a must for all drivers. Now, that requirement is getting a bit more convenient for Ontario drivers.

The province recently started allowing residents to carry and display insurance information on their phones or other electronic devices.

Currently, Ontario residents are required to show proof of insurance on a pink paper card provided by the auto insurer. These cards aren’t being completely discontinued just yet. If drivers request it, insurers will still have to provide paper proof at no cost for another year as the new rule phases in.

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If carrying proof of insurance via smartphone in Ontario, keep your device charged

Province officials say new electronic forms of insurance proof will be protected with lock-screen functionality to ensure drivers’ privacy. Electronic insurance cards will also be designed to prevent the editing or alteration of any information.

Officials say the change makes sense considering the overwhelming number of people equipped with smartphones these days. The new rule also lines up Ontario with provinces like Alberta, Labrador, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia, which already allow for electronic proof of insurance.

The change to electronic insurance cards comes with a new set of responsibilities for Ontario drivers. Drivers must still carry proof of insurance in the vehicle at all times and be able to display it when requested — but there’s no exception for a dead battery or dropped signal. If a device’s screen is cracked or otherwise marred, the electronic card must still be clearly readable. And if traveling outside Ontario, drivers should check to make sure their form of insurance proof remains valid.

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News Sources: CBC, Government of Ontario