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Opel ADAM Now Offered with Wireless Smartphone Charger

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Opel ADAM wireless smartphone charging

Hey, you. Person who is considering buying an Opel ADAM. Yes. You. You will probably be thrilled to know that the ADAM is now being offered with wireless charging capabilities. So, you know, if you, person who is considering buying an Opel ADAM, are still considering buying an Opel ADAM (and why wouldn’t you be…after all, you are person who is considering buying an Opel ADAM), then this is probably a nice little bit of incentive for you if 1) you own a certain smartphone and/or smartphone with smartphone accessory and 2) you had already considered buying an Opel ADAM but first needed a bit of assurance that it would be capable of charging your smartphone wirelessly.

“Our award-winning, smartphone-compatible IntelliLink infotainment technology made its premiere in the Opel ADAM, which is the perfect example of how much individuality and technology can be packed into a small car. And now with wireless charging as well as Opel OnStar, we are taking successful lifestyle mini to an even higher level,” said Peter Christian Küspert, Vice President Sales and Aftersales Opel Group.

This wireless charger is Qi- and Powermat-compatible and located just behind the gear lever in the center console. It uses an electromagnetic field created by an induction coil that allows you to simply place your smartphone in the docking station. It’s really fancy.

Some cellphones—including the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge; the Nokia Lumia lineup; Motorola Droid Mini and Droid Maxx; and LG G2, Nexus 4 and 5, and Spectrum 2—come with wireless charging built-in. Others—your iPhones, your Motorola Moto X, your Samsung Notes and previous-gen Galaxies—can be made wirelessly-chargeable with specialized charging cases. So, you know, keep that in mind.

The wireless charging option will be available on all ADAM models above base for an additional €135.