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Opel Astra Hatchback, Astra Sports Tourer Get New Adaptive Cruise Control

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Opel Astra adaptive cruise control

Opel announced on Tuesday that the new Astra hatchback and Astra Sports Tourer with six-speed manual transmission will receive the latest-generation of its adaptive cruise control technology. Using both conventional radar and a front camera, Opel’s ACC system will allow drivers to not only cruise at a consistent speed, but to cruise in a manner that allows them to maintain a safe traveling distance between their Astra and the vehicle in front of them.

“For us at Opel, driving is fun when it is neither boring nor over-demanding,” says William F. Bertagni, Vice President Vehicle Engineering Europe. “The Astra’s latest-generation adaptive cruise control technology perfectly matches our philosophy by taking more of the chore out of long distance driving or stop-and-go traffic, and helping the driver to stay fresh and concentrated.”

Opel Astra front camera adaptive cruise control

Opel’s latest adaptive cruise control system functions as conventional cruise control when the road ahead is otherwise unoccupied, operating at speeds between 30-180 kilometers per hour. Where the technology differentiates itself is in situations where the Astra is navigating downhill or there is another vehicle ahead.

When going downhill, Opel’s ACC technology will automatically apply brakes to ensure that the same consistent speed is maintained. When there is a slower-moving vehicle in front of the Astra, the front camera will detect it and work in conjunction with radar to maintain safe distance. Integrated steering wheel switches allow the driver to determine their preferred following distance, be it “near,” “mid,” or “far.”

Should that vehicle come to a complete stop, ACC will bring the vehicle to a complete stop as well and can automatically resume driving if the vehicle ahead begins moving within three seconds. In cases where the vehicle in front of the Astra takes longer, the driver will be notified visually and audibly to relaunch.


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