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Opel Cascada Supreme Available Now (Tomatoes and Sour Cream Not Included)

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Opel Cascada Supreme

If you have ever ordered from Taco Bell—probably late, maybe after a night out, possibly while in the backseat of someone else’s car trying to remember where half the night went and why there’s a 900-pound gorilla suddenly residing within the walls of your skull—you have probably found yourself wondering: what is the difference between a taco and a taco supreme?

After ordering, you were probably super disappointed to discover that the difference in its entirety is that the taco supreme gets tomatoes and sour cream whereas the regular taco does not. What exactly, you wonder, is so supreme about tomatoes and sour cream?

Fortunately, the difference between the Opel Cascada and Opel Cascada Supreme is not that the latter’s boot is just filled with a bunch of diced tomatoes and dollops of sour cream. Instead, the Opel Cascada Supreme gets some exclusive color work, much of which is red, which in turn is somewhat evocative of tomatoes, sort of.

The Opel Cascada Supreme, available now at dealerships throughout Europe, is available in three colors: Lava Red, Snow White, and Onyx Black. Snow White? Kind of like the color of delicious sour cream, don’t you think?

The Cascada Supreme also gets numerous other colorful touches. It’s got a black grille crossbeam and door mirrors, 20-inch light-alloy wheels in bi-color, and red accent stitching seams throughout the cockpit—including on the high-quality leather seating, also a fun added aspect of the Cascada Supreme.

Sounds pretty great, right? Well, it’s definitely better than tomatoes and sour cream and a four-day hangover mingled with the gutty grossness caused by ordering $30 worth of chalupas because “I’m a grown up and that’s what I wanna do don’t tell me what to do, Dan.”


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