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Opel Teams with BlaBlaCar to Offer Special Deals to Carpoolers

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Opel on Thursday announced the kick-off of a new pilot project with BlaBlaCar, the world’s preeminent long-distance carpooling company, which will see Opel cars made available to its most active members—heretofore dubbed “Ambassadors”–with multitudinous special offers.

The partnership—which also involves leasing company ALD—will see a fleet of Opels including the Mokka X crossover and Astra hatchback offered to BlaBlaCar’s Ambassadors at special rates with flexible financing. This includes zero-deposit financing, affordable monthly payments, and discounts for every month that they carpool via BlaBlaCar.

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“We are very much looking forward to teaming up with BlaBlaCar,” said Peter Küspert, Vice President Sales & Aftersales. “The Ambassadors of BlaBlaCar will get access to a selection of Opel bestsellers such as the Corsa, Astra, or Mokka X at preferred conditions. The cars will fit their own needs as well as match the desires of their ridesharing guests—by providing clever while affordable solutions such as the powerful OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot. Our partnership with BlaBlaCar is another step on our way to not only being a car manufacturer but also a leading provider of mobility solutions.”

“The BlaBlaCar community will purchase more than 1.3 million cars in 2017,” said BlaBlaCar CEO Nicolas Brusson. “The idea here is to leverage the strength of this community to unlock deals that our members would not otherwise be able to access. We want to return value to our Ambassadors, whilst allowing their shared car usage to generate significant additional savings on the cost of their car.”

BlaBlaCar has an active user base of more than 40 million across countries including Russia, Romania, Portugal, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Spain, India, Italy, Mexico, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

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